Monday, December 13, 2010

A Poem For Christmas

'Twer the weeks before Christmas and all the town
All the Crazies were stirring and spreading it 'round

Thursday, on 9th Street, we ate tacos galore
Creepy Santa stumbled 'round the restaurant floor
He scared the small child eating at our table
And we were wishing THIS Santa was only a fable

He asked 'bout our drinks in a leering way
And then stumbled off to bother others that day

As we walked the block party and chatted with friends
We noticed that Santa was following our trend
And since avoidance was clearly not working
We scurried away as to not to say something jerky

Then the next night, after some Cheer
With Melsons and Caps and others quite dear,
We pulled up to the curb at casa de Melson
And saw something strange that required half-Nelsons

Two strangers were knocking at Katherine and Thad's
Looking for Richard and Sam and getting quite mad

When Scott Melson asked them what the eff they were doing
They laughed and and took Ashley's bowl for the viewing

We hurried inside and called the police
Then they laid 'neath my car as if to tease
They danced 'round the yard in a curious fit
Then hid as cars passed them--obviously quite lit.

The police came and chatted with our new found "pals"
Then their friend picked them up after a quick phone call

Dear friends and family as Christmas approaches
Remember the crazy that sometimes encroaches.