Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year End...

Ok, Ok you harrassers! Here's my update!

2008 was a quite excellent year for me (but also so very challenging), in a lot of different ways. Here's the rundown:

1. Top Chef/Project Runway Nights
2. McNellie's and Cranium, New friends, acceptance into a social circle and other new friends.
3. New Year's 08 in Chicago and the 4th in Tulsa.
4. An excellent small group where I am challenged, enouraged and supported far more than I feel I deserve.
5. An Alaskan Wedding Adventure with my very favorite sewardians and meeting Moose-tipping.
6. Colorado and VBS with Sarah Wright (and elitch gardens with the Spanish Teacher)
7. Sara Bareilles, Joshua Radin and Ingrid in concert.
8. Moving back into a one bedroom.
9. Prom for the sister, VBS with mi madre, and labor day with the other fam.
10. Learning how to cook well and often.
11. Obama winning the election and learning how to voice my opinions when everyone else seemed to think they were wrong.
12. Realzing that you don't always know who is going to be important to you.

1. A thriving growing middle school group full of giggly, goofy girls (who also make excellent movie companions to things like twilight, HSM3 and Kit Kittredge).
2. Ok'd in Christ
3. Middle School Trips to Youth Quake and Houston
4. The high school trip to Ohio (and spending some time at the aunt's house).
5. An excellent evaluation in November
6. Article writing for thesource and more forum moderating.
7. Experiencing the death of a youth and of a youth leader and learning to grieve privately and corporately.
8. Falling in love with teaching 6th graders and with the middle school group.
9. Watching my youth use their talents and gifts at youth led worship.
10. Seeing our church grow and move into a new and exciting ways.

More about Illinois, New Years, Jess's Wedding and other exciting adventures soon.


Ashley said...

yay thank you for your quick response to my concerns. haha

i forgot about ingrid and sara and joshua - definitely would go on my 2008 highs!