Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Looking for Love like a Peasant.

The Spode found this article and it's convincing enough to almost make me want to email the church member who wants to set me up with her co-worker or to ask the weatherman to lunch after chuch on Sunday.


Jamie Lynn said...

Great article!

And what's with this "almost" business? Hmm... The boys your youth are finding you aren't good enough huh? What about that drive thru guy?

I think we should name our next dog Shmuley. That's an awesome name.

PS. If Spode found it, why didn't she blog about it?

hannah said...

I would like the peanut gallery aka j•Dub that she didn't seek out the manly. Also putting yourself out there like that is a little intimidating especially because we have Been told it's wrong to do that. That we'll have the "God drop" special man delivery.

Patience jdub. The spiddy and I have a plan. And why doesn't the Spode post the article? For the same reason that she hasn't posted in a week or two I guess :)