Monday, September 15, 2008

Bundled Up

I feel like I have lost an entire week. Grief is an amazing time zapper. (I don't mean to sound blythe about the emotional stress that was last week, but man, you can miss a lot).

As we have been working through the corporate grief of losing a beloved congregation member, I have learned a few things. Yesterday, Kathy, a deaconess came and talked with our Sunday School class about grieving and how to reach out to a family that has lost a father and husband.

One of the things that struck me yesterday that Kathy talked about was about being "bundled." She said that each person, alone is like one stick, easily broken, but when we are bundled together, we are stronger, and less likely to break. She then asked the rhetorical question (or perhaps the silent, sleepy high schoolers were supposed to answer, but failed), "how strong is your bundle?"

At certain points in my history in Oklahoma, I would say that my bundle has been pretty weak. I was the single stick, easily broken. Now, I can say that my bundle is strong, thanks to the GirgisMelsons, Caplingers, Mary youth chair, Laudermilks, Kristy, Jamie, Spode, Sarah, Bethany, Crazy Tall Matt. All of them have allowed me to be me, to talk, cry, laugh, and celebrate as me. That makes for a pretty strong bundle, not easily broken.

As I am thankful for my bundle, it is my sincere hope and prayer that I am that for them as well.


Jamie Lynn said...

Oh, you are m'dear.

Now pack some bags and get your bundle up here!!

Ashley said...

aww, well the GirgisMelsons are so happy to be a part of your bundle :)