Friday, August 08, 2008

The second half of colorado...

Here's the remaining highlights from my trip to Colorado...

1)Sing Sing. How I love Sing Sing. Pianos, cute waiters and big buckets with straws for all. Also, I enjoyed the nineteen bajillion bachelorettes joining us that evening.
2)Not going to church. Is that bad for a churchworker to say? I enjoyed my day off. So, so much.
3)Denver Library and downtown
4)Mamma Mia and Pierce Brosnan's non singing voice (to which sarah and I would cringe). I also enjoyed the comments of the ladies sitting next to me ("If Colin Firth said hi to me, I'd do him right then and there!"... nice)
5)Hiking plans that changed due to lightning.
6)Lunch with the busdriver, the spanish teacher, Sarah and I at Qdoba (that sounds like the beginning of some sort of joke)
7)PF Changs for under $10.00.
8)Super straight hair from the kiosk at the mall.
9)One Tree Hill Marathon
10)Rockies Game
11)Panda Express
12)Good conversations with Sarah, hanging out in the neighbors hammock and avoiding the sprinklers
13)Elitch Gardens and "pick the person over 20"
14)The goodbye playlist.