Saturday, August 02, 2008

Colorado So Far...

How I love Colorful Colorado (even though it is bragging record high temperatures)...

Here's what I've been up to so far:

1)$23.00 pants and a $19.00 shirt from Banana. Thanks Bethany for the inside tip!
2)Tubing Boulder Creek with Crazy Tall Matt, Marcus, Sarah and all the Boulder hippies. I also received some AWESOME inner tube rashes and bruises from the rocks. The best part of the day were all the drunken hippies... (more stories later).
3)"Working" a wedding with Sarah and Colleen and receiving payment in the form of free fish tacos from racines. Oh yes.
4)Getting Punk'd.
5)Enjoying a bottle of wine with Sarah and playing catch phrase with Sarah and her roommates. Catch Phrase + Wine = best catch phrase game ever.
6)Using the Chi Hair Straightener.
7)Enjoying the view of the mountains.

More updates and pictures later!


Colleen said...

Yes..I wish I could pay everyone in fish tacos!! What is your email lady? I'll email those right over!