Saturday, May 10, 2008

News bulletin (a non weather report)

For those of you who've been anxiously awaiting another post about the weather man....

I don't have any new updates, but I wanted to blog a little more about what's been going on in my life these past few crazy busy weeks:

1) My good friends, Jess and Heath, got engaged and I could not be more excited for them (I also feel like I had a hand in them getting together back when Heath was an intern).

2) Graduation looms and this year, along with every year, is bittersweet. The seniors are graduating and I'm very sad to see them go but excited for them and the new things that they will soon be facing. They've been a great class of strong, gifted leaders.

3) I've started looking to the future leaders in the youth ministry and am so excited about seeing the two girls who are my "student leaders" for the Ohio trip take ownership and get excited. I look forward to seeing them grow and change as leaders.

4) I've been ridiculously blessed by the new friends in my life.

5) I've moved into a new apartment, one very close to work (nice for the extremely high gas prices that we're experiencing-It was almost a month since my last fill-up!)I've been pleasantly suprised at how I've been mostly enjoying living on my own and am looking forward to making it a little more homey in the upcoming months.

6) Vacation Bible School is rapidly, rapidly approaching (I am resisting the urge to pull a Jamie-meeting-Philip hyperventillation scene), plus our trial run of our almost free after VBS day care for school aged kids. We're hoping to really reach out to families in the community around us.

7) Our high schoolers are going to Ohio the week after VBS (I think that I took crazy pills when I made that decision). This is the first time since I've been here that we've done something servant event oriented and I'm trying to have no expectations regarding the number of youth that attend. In the last week of June, our middle schoolers are going to Houston and I am excited to see them stretch and grow in new ways. Plus, we have a lot of incoming 6th graders going, so I am looking forward to building those relationships and spending time with them.

8) The mom visiting: My mom is coming to visit at the end of May and the first week of June to help with VBS. Also, the Sarah is bringing a couple of students out to our church as their summer mission trip. yay!


Mike said...

Wait a second. You're coming to Ohio? We live in Ohio. How come no one informs me about these things. We could totally put these kids to work.