Friday, May 09, 2008

From All Angles... (A weather report... kind of)

So, some of you have been following with rapt attention the doings of my high school youth and their determination that I date the young, single weatherman that has been attending our church. Apparently, he has gained the stamp of approval of a few of the other youth the past few sundays at church and still seems oblivious to the whisperings and the sometimes not so quiet gossiping of the youth in the row behind him at church. This past Sunday, the following conversation took place:

Youth: (whispering) Brother, that's the weatherman we want our DCE to date (pointing to weatherman who is sitting right in front of her).
Brother: the WEATHERMAN (not whispering and in a very theatrical voice) THE WEATHERMAN.. WHAT CHANNEL IS THE WEATHER MAN ON... I WANT TO MEET THIS WEATHERMAN!!!

As luck or whatever would have it, it turns out that my youth are not the only ones who are interested in finding boys for me. My grandpa (who also told me to run over my cousin when I was home a couple of weeks ago), shook his finger at me rather severly and said, "you don't come back until you have a husband..." A few other friends have been putting the presure on about me finding someone to date and today, I received an email from a member that I only know vaguely.

The email's subject line was "question from the website," so I assumed it had to do something with VBS that is a few weeks away and with which she has helped in the past. No... her email starts, "I know this is kind of weird, but I have a nice christian single co-worker that I thought you might be interested in dating... he's lutheran too! what do you think?"

Maybe it's the spring weather that has cause all this extra attention to "sprout" about my dating life.


Jamie Lynn said...

WELL?! Did you reply back? Blind dates are fun!! That's how my DCEfriend, Gretchen, met her now-husband John :)

Love you!!

Moose-Tipping said...

My fiance failed to mention that we, too, met on a blind date. Thanks for that, hun.

Kristy Laughed said...

ACK! there is nothing more embarassing than to have people assume that every single male no matter what he looks like, acts like (outside of work), or actually is like, is totally right for you because you are single!

remember panera guy? what a disaster. i know you are going and that's a good thing, but it doesn't make it any more irritating when all you have to go on is "nice christian signly co-worker." that could mean ANYTHING!

anyway, good luck and keep me posted because even if he isn't the man of your dreams or a friend for life, we'll at least have new material to mock! :)

Kristy Laughed said...

haha... edit in single guy not signly...

hannah said...

Ok mushing twins, You're not allowed to leave comments that start with.... "do it... that's how so and so met so and so."

This is your warning.