Friday, January 04, 2008


Ah, 2007. I'm happy to see you gone.
I was very, very ready to begin the final countdown into 2008. Good Riddance 2007.

And just so you don't think that I am completely cynical, here's my list of things that affected my year. In 2007 I:

1) Fought for my job.
2) Survived and enjoyed an 8 day trip to Florida with the high school students and got to see my middle schoolers--the "David and Goliath" group, shine at a service project in New Mexico.
3) Took vacation for me that wasn't attached to any family time (Hello, Colorado!)
4) Learned to ski (though not very well) and hiked in some mountains.
5) Said goodbye to an uncle who will be very much missed.
6) Joined a small group Bible study, made some new friends here and found (quite surprisingly) family.
7) Reconnected with old friends (Girls' Night!)
8) Started getting paid to write and to speak.
9) Learned the effects and consequences of vacation, altitude and alcohol.
10) Got a roommate and a step-dog.
11) Learned why I kept expectations low.
12) Celebrated with Bethany and Mike at their wedding (and tried roasting marshmallows over a candle).
13) Fell in love with my middle school confirmation class (also was hit on by a sixth grader).
14) Paid off bills and took some responsibility.
15) Had an interview with a church close to the parents and realized that I wanted to be here.
16) Spent lots of time with college friends in non-work type settings.
17) Got closer to my brother and watched my sister become a full-fledged teenager.
18) Felt like I am seeing fruits in the ministry here.

Bring on 2008!