Wednesday, September 05, 2007


If I were waging a war against my office, I would be losing.


Usually, my office is cluttered. Due to all the traveling and the nearly immediate swing back into fall stuff I haven't had a chance to tidy up.

However, the the guerrilla tactics of the paper piles have been very effective. Soon I will be fully overtaken.

Next week, I'm planning a full attack. With binders. And reinforcements.

You may be winning the battle, paperwork, but I will not let you win the war.


Bethany said...

Oooh reinforcements! Like those like white plastic stickers that keep your pages from tearing out? Awesome! ;-)

mqzoeller said...

Go for Hannah. Once you've completed the arduous task of filing and organizing you can look at your shelf full of binders (with titles) and feel a real sense of accomplishment. I speak from experience. In fact, I keep a picture of my shelf full of binders and show it to people as proof that people can overcome their obstacles. Said picture has inspired an olympic swimmer as well as last year's second place spelling bee champ. BOOM

Sarah said...

Binders are good. My history just outgrew it's 1 inch binder and prior to finding a 3 inch binder (I have a whole school year left) I could never find the notes I needed for class because I stuck them in various other places. Yeah, yeah, binders are good. Though I do question their ability to inspire olympic swimmers and spelling bee champs...

Jamie Lynn said...

This bliggity is getting old. You need a new one. The end.