Thursday, September 20, 2007

Update Update Update!

Hello all of you in the blogosphere!

So, in theory, my office was going to be cleaned last week. That didn't really happen post-confirmand camp, and being out of the office 6 out of the last 10 days or so. In all actualy, my office is messier than ever. I have a plan of action though (including bribing two of my high schoolers with free dinner for their help) that will hopefully be enacted next week. I have not yet been defeated paperwork. Though you take over my desk and my bookshelves, you shall be vanquished in time!
In other news, things here are going well. It's busy and I love it. Fall=structure. Thank goodness.

Recently, I've been attending "House Church", through Fusion, a church I'd been attending off and on in the Spring. I've really enjoyed being able to be involved in a small group Bible Study and not have to worry about being in charge, and being able to worship in a place that's not my workplace. It's been refreshing to me spiritually and relationally.
Last Thursday I went with DCE Heath to a screening of the movie Invisible Children. It's really stuck with me this last week: the story of these children who have been neglected by the rest of the world. More on this another time.
I also think that I have fallen in love with my 6th grade confirmation class. Last night, the class was doing a review from the first 5 lessons (Creation-Abraham) and J asked me if sea monkeys were created on the 5th day with the rest of the sea animals. Hilarious.
That's really about it, but I'll leave you with a few pictures of the goings on in my life the last month or so:

1 and 2: Laura and I enjoy Piccomolo (Gelato) over Labor Day weekend
3: Tubing at Waterski Weekend
4: Z improvises a swimsuit at Hanging Lake
5: Me and the Man-pris at his Bad Ass Barbecue
6: S. Sarah and I at Hanging Lake
7: My middle schoolers at confirmand camp


Sarah said...

Nice pictures! :)

Hanging Lake=Totally worth it! (Even the second time...not sure if it will be a third time, no plans to return a third time.)

mqzoeller said...

Correction: Hanging Lake is only worth it if you also construct your own swim attire out of the local foilage.

PS: That "Matt" character looks retarded in your photo - you don't have a better shot of him?

Moose-Tipping said...

HA! Glad to see someone else has man-pris. Jamie makes fun of me for them...