Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Letter to You (or things I wish I had said)


I know that life is changing for you, that there are things happening more quickly than you can comprehend or cup or catch. I pray that you know that in all this changing that God is constant. That He doesn't change. That He will, can, and has held you up all this time, before you even believed in Him, he was there. He was constant.

I know that you are struggling with what you feel is right and what is demanded of you. I want you to experience the goodness of God's grace. I want you to know that there is freedom in His forgiveness.

I know that you have felt judged by Christians in the past, but I want you to realize that there are those of us that care about you. That we bear no judgement, that we have no room to judge. We want you to know Jesus and the many gifts that brings. Him, the way, the truth, the life.

I want you to be filled so full of God's love that it changes your life. That you allow God to mold you into person you were created to be. That you stop doing the things that harm you, that you realize that God's love is more fulfilling than the things you're currently doing. I pray that you discover the beauty of God's Word, his Love letter to you. I pray that you may someday take to heart the things that God is speaking to you in those words.

Mostly, I hope that you allow God to work in you and that you come to understand the height, width and depth of his Love for you. Love so amazing that He sent His son for you. His son who died and rose and opened Heaven's doors for you.