Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ridiculously Excited

My name is Hannah and I'm addicted to blogger.

It turns out I just can't stay away. My 10 day hiatus seemed more than enough. So I'm back.

It turns out that I'm the oddball. I used to think that EVERYONE has this big "leaving the state to go to school" experience as well as the "settling in some unknown location and setting up camp" experience. Well, it turns out that minus my friends from concordia, most people aren't like me. They go to a local school, settle somewhat close to home and have a lot of the same college friends around or close and maybe one or two people from their circle have left to pursue fame, fortune, riches, etc. in different locaitons.

God has richly blessed me here in OKC with friends and a great place to do His ministry, but there are times that I wish that all my Concordia friends had all gone to a state college and settled 10 minutes from each other or at the most an hour and that there weren't time zones and things that separated us. So, when opportunities come up to see friends--especially in large quantities, I tend to get very excited. Over-the-top-bouncing-up-and-down-Ridiculously Excited. And there are a couple coming up this very month! YAY!

1)Sattgast's Wedding! I cannot tell you how pumped I am. This is going to be one big CU reunion to witness the union of bob and rachel. Yay! I get to see and spend some QT with Grace and see Anna who's been hiding in Taiwan this past year and not to mention lots of other supercool people that I haven't seen since graduation or longer. Also on my trip to South Dakota I get to see Lindsey and "SARAH SARAH" :) As well as B! Then... on my way home, I get to see the lovely Amy for dinner/possible sleepover in scenic Lawrence, Kansas. I cannot wait. It's going to be a smorgasbord of friends!

2)The National Lutheran Youth Workers' Gathering in Orlando this summer. YAY! I get to see spode and jamie and Tara and lots of other people I haven't seen since midyear or beyond. (well spode I saw at jen's wedding... but still..not for very long and not with Jamie. It was like a spoke in our wheel was missing).

So, yes, I am ridiculously excited.In this two years of life since Concordia, God has sent so many of my friends in so many different amazing places all over the world that it's nice to have TWO (count em TWO) great chances and places to see these people that I consider closer than family sometimes. I can't wait.



Jamie said...

I'm a missing spoke?!?! Gosh, good thing the spokes will be reunited in 2 weeks!! I miss you Hannah Lou (and you too, Spode!) Can't wait to see you guys!!

Ang said...

Hey there Hannah!! Good to hear things sounding so happy and good. I am seriously jealous of the South Dakota reunion that is going to happen. Believe it or not - I am still working!! Last day of school year here is July 21st. How absurd is that?

So hug a few missed bodies for me too, ok? :o) I hope you're well!!