Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Good Clean Fun

This past weekend was the Sattgast-Lail wedding extravaganza in Huron, South Dakota. I think this has been the most fun wedding weekend attended this far in all my wedding circuit touring. So, without further ado, here's my high points of the weekend.

1. Friday night at the Granite City Brewery in Sioux Falls, SD. I learned that irony is coincidence mixed with tragedy and that everything else is just arbitrary (not random). Grace coined the term "tragonic" to cover everything else that is neither random or ironic. I also learned how to play cornhole, a game where you throw beanbags (cornbags?) into a hole. For a first effort, I didn't do too shabbily. Unfortunately, the Cornholio's did not win the tournament, but not for a lack of trying (or not so subtle cheating on my part). Huron jokes were also a big hit... ex. "what do you say when you jump off a cliff? Huronimo!" "Huron the road yet?" "Huron... Hur-off!" you get the idea. Oh and the soup bowl of ranch that the waiter thought Matt actually drank.

2. The arbitrary K-mart and zesto's ice cream run. The poor Zesto's people probably thought we were crazy out-of-towners as did all of the K-mart people. (See what happens when you let loose about 6 or 7 Concordia Alums?)

(At Zestos. I got a "Krazy Krunch Kone")

3. Spending time with Grace when all the other wedding party people had to go be responsible. We got to take naps and things.

4. Bowling on Saturday. While everyone else was at the rehearsal dinner, Mark, Grace and I went bowling. Mark made the whole night fun with his bowling fun gift bags. He was an excellent date and best of all... I won! (with an 81...we're just that good)

(We take bowling very seriously in Huron. Notice the "cosmic bowling glow in the dark necklace" around Grace's neck? And our awesome headbands and wristbands? Mark made sure we were prepared to get our bowl on)

5. Dinner at the Pizza Ranch on Saturday and making Mark laugh so hard he choked on his food when I said that Grace was "housebroken".

6. The Bonfire-less Bonfire at the Sattgast farm and hearing all about Ben's horrible dating experience. Grace and I looked at the stars that aren't visible in the Oklahoma City or Lodi lights.

7. The wedding. It made me cry a little bit actually (something I've not done before). Rachel looked beautiful, the messge was wonderful (especially the bit Pastor Sattgast read from one of Bob's emails to Rachel).

8. Seeing Bob and Rachel. I can't imagine two people more suited for each other. They looked so ridiculously happy and excited and in love it made me a little nauseous. just kidding.

9.The "third time's a charm" bouquet toss.

10. Dinner at Verto's and our nice waiter Larry.

11. Japanese Haiku, tent shopping, and funny text messages on the drive home.

12. Meeting new friends and seeing old ones and being able to pick up where you left off. And seeing how much everyone is still the same, but different.

13. Having an excuse for a reunion.


josh Sullivan said...

after hearing Nate's rendition and now yours, I wish I could've been there. Thanks for the weekend update. It's much appreciated by all of us unfortunate souls still trapped in vicarage limbo. Oh well. Less than a fortnight to go. Did I spell that right? I dont think I did.

Sarah said...

I have one tragedy for you to add to your missed hanging out with us. :( I am glad you had fun in SD but we did miss you in KC. How's Labor Day looking?

Anonymous said...

You guys went bowling?
Can't be better than cornhole.
That is its real name.
-Matt Z