Monday, June 19, 2006

Things Most Missed...

I've been feeling nostalgic recently, so here's a list of things most missed these past few months.

*3D (which we told paul stood for "DCE Debrief and Devo") hehe
*Earlywine walks
*Walks around Seward
*Amigos Runs
*Email as a form of communication (pre-facebook, myspace, etc)
*Bunk bed chats with B and Sattgast
*Ruth B Top
*Blanke's sarcastic humor
*Paul Schoepp's sandals and socks
*Potato Soup (that ALWAYS boiled over) :)
*Wednesday Night Bible Study
*Drives to KoK
*The Late Late nights senior year
*Strieter Stairwell chats and Strieter Bible study
*The crazy floor RA days
*Spending hours in the Effingham Walmart
*Fake engagement rings
*My Freeze Friends
*Rollerblading around Seward
*Fall Festival in Newton, Illinois
*The summer after sophomore year
*All My Children with Melissa, Ang and Juanita
*My grandma's house and all our crazy games, right Lynn :)
*Progressive Rummy at Aunt Katherine's
*Long drives through the country of Illinois
*Stecker's "gus-nado"
*Spring Weekend
*Crazy KoK experiences... "I got the oil! Let's start anointing!"
*School bus rides (call me crazy-- I LOVED the school bus!)

Well, I think that's the list. Not exactly a top 10, but who cares :)


Jamie said...

Ah, the anointing! Who could forget the "Dan.... um.... Dan...."

hannah said...

"Oh Lord.... OH LORD.... OH LORD" :) LOL

Dutch Not German said...

You two are geeks!