Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Live from Messiah...

Hey folks! A real post!

It's been a while since I've done one of these. Why, you ask? Three letters. V.B.S.

VBS was last week, so I've been caught in the frenzy of planning, and VBS-ing. So, this may be a little rambly, but a lot happened last week and today as well. So... here's a numbered list of whats been going on.

1. VBS was a lot of fun. It was so nice to see everything come together so neatly. Many thanks to Tanya and Diana who have been meeting with me since January to plan and prepare.

2. I led our opening and closing each day for the elementary kids in VBS. I had a great time, because let's face it, I got to be silly and the kids thought it was cool, instead of dorky. And I got lots and lots of big hugs. One little girl came to VBS with her hair done like mine. Her mom said that she wouldn't leave the house till her hair was done like Miss Hannahs. I thought that was so cute.

3. God used me to help teach kids about the love of Jesus. My favorite day was Thursday--Jesus is Our Savior (Viva!) and we learned about Jesus death and resurrection. At closing, we handed out heart stickers and I held up a cross and said that if the kids wanted to they could put their heart on the cross to show that Jesus lived in their hearts, or they could take it home to tell others all about the love of Jesus. I have the heart-covered cross in my office as a reminder of these kids love of Jesus.

4. each day, one little boy, Bryan, came up to me would give me a big hug and say "Buenos Dias Miss Hannah Comomomo Mestas?" (his grandma said he practiced all night) It was adorable.

5. My mom and little sis were here and were able to help out and hang out with me. It was a lot of fun spending time with them. They also got to see me "in action" and could participate in the fun of VBS. We also went shopping! and mom and I saw the break-up which I highly recommend.

6. Today, we went to the food bank on our weekly summer service day. Last time, we bagged corn and this time we sorted cans for boxes. I was in charge of boxing the "meat" cans and came across these types of "meat"... mind you these are all canned: roast beef spread, potted meat food product, pork in natural juices, sardines in mustard, fancy plain sardines in olive oil, sardines in tomato sauce. I also came across a can of grapes. yummy. Overall it was fun and we helped provide almost 7,000 meals to hungry families of Oklahoma.

7. Summer officially started with VBS and is promising to pass quickly by with the middle school trip to St.Louis, 4th of July in Austin, Sattgast's wedding in South Dakota and stopping in KC to see B, Lindz and Sarah! and the National Lutheran Youth worker Conference in Orlando at the end of July, moving (again-ugh), and going home sometime in August. Summer ends officially for me with the junior high retreat at Lutherhoma in September. Whew!

Well that's all I can think of now, more later this week on other "deeper" topics