Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Spoda's revelations

Ok, so spode had some good revelations on my last post:

*there is a thin line to walk between praying passionately for the things your heart desires and asking God for a brand new car. Go ahead and pray for your heart's desire

*eli was touched by hannah's passion that's why he said "God give you what you ask" and sent her off in peace... not necessariy b/c her desires matched Gods.

*the idea that God will give you what you ask if it's in line with his desires at the right time isn't exactly biblical... So spode concluded that we should pray passionately and keep knocking :)

*Ive done a lot of praying (complaining maybe) about certain things, but I dont know that I've ever directly asked. so maybe I'll try that and see what happens. the worst thing God can say is no and that usually turns out for the better.

* other thoughts: God's answered most of my requests before. case in point: I asked for a non-lutheran christian friend that was involved in church and that seeked to please God with their lifestyel (but one that wasn't too "goody goody" to go out to the bars with me:))and God gave me my friend lindsey (and answered my somewhat selfish prayers for a roommate and for jess to live in the city). So... there ya have it folks. God does answer prayer.


Jess said...

You are definitely amazing.