Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Getting There

This week is emotional. And since I've declared a moratorium on having any emotions at all (really, who needs those), you can imagine how difficult it is to not want run around and do something really destructive in place of the feelings.

So, instead, I'm blogging.

Sometimes, it is easy to see God's hand and God's goodness. Other times, not so easy.

It's easy to see God working when, this summer, after a 9 month battle with cancer with a very small survival rate, my Aunt was given a clean bill of health. It is not so easy to see God working, when Friday, a former youth and his older brother lost their father (and mother- 6 years ago) to cancer.

It's easy to see God's goodness when things are good, and sometimes, even when things are bad (when they seem to have a "reason"), but it is a lot harder when they seem to have no reason at all.