Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Questions than Answers

This last week, in my travels, I spent a lot of time talking/processing/praying about life, about where God is leading me and why it feels that Everything Is Happening All At Once.

Now being on the "flip side" of this trip, I still have more questions than answers, more things to process, more decisions to make than decisions made.

One thing that this trip brought about was a reminder of the friends that God has placed in my life, all over the country. Friends willing to read emails, open their doors and couches, drive across country with me, and answer my crazy phone calls late when I forget about things like time changes, friends that know me and love me well enough to understand when to be silent, when to talk, when to advise, when to encourage, when to tell me I am being foolish, when to simply sing a long to Moulan Rogue at the top our lungs in Western Nebraska.

I'm pretty blessed.