Monday, July 12, 2010

Greek to Me

The High school students with which I work formed a praise band last year and have been selected to lead prayer and praise for our hotel (about 800+ students) at the 2010 National Youth Gathering taking place in New Orleans this week.

With that, I've been the primary contact person, so it's fallen to me to talk to the people that need talking to and organize the things that our group needs so that they can do what they're supposed to with minimal confusion.

I might mention that my role in leading the praise band falls somewhere between fangirl and occasional roadie.

When the NYG people called me this week to talk about sound needs this is what I heard:

NYG Man: Now, I've got 7 zip zorps and 3 wibble wobbles to plug into your hokey pokeys. Do you think this will be sufficient?
Me: (long pause while I try to figure out the best way to say that I have no effing clue) Can you email that to me so I can double check?

Yeah, I'm a total pro.


Alaina said...

Uh, yeah.
I totally know what you mean. I have to play go-between for my retreat band and music guy on staff every year for my spring retreat.
after five years, I've finally learned a few things.
the stuff they DON'T teach us in college...

hannah said...

There should be some sort of DCE-ing class that includes the following items:

1)Sound equipment
2)How to create and make effective spreadsheets to keep from going crazy
3)Talking with parents who yell at you

Anything else that could be added to this course?