Thursday, May 20, 2010


This will be my last blog about the weather. Promise.

Yesterday, needing some supplies for my portion of the house church dinner, I headed over to the grocery store across the street from the church. Closed. Sunday's hail had damaged the roof and they were working on repairing it, according the big signs stretched across the doors.

Disappointed, I headed over to the Wal-mart a few miles down the road. Pulling into the suspiciously empty parking lot, but noticing people walking in and out of the store, I went ahead and parked, but was told they were also closed for repairs from Sunday's hail.

For try three I headed even farther away to a much more expensive, limited and very crowded store to buy the things I needed. What was to be a 10 minute errand ended up taking nearly two hours.

I'm sure that a more socially minded person would be quick to remind me (and the thought crossed my mind) that, "just think what the people after Katrina had to go through," or "you think this is hard?! People in Africa have to grow their own corn to make into food. That's hard!" And I'm aware of that, I really am.

But gosh darn it-- I like my convenience.