Friday, April 02, 2010

Dark Friday

I wonder what the disciples were thinking on Palm Sunday, entering Jerusalem triumphantly, shouting with the crowds, "Hosanna, Lord Save us" as people laid palm branches before their king.

I wonder what they were thinking as they watched him cleanse the temple. Did they watch in amazement and trepidation or wonder who he was that dared such things?

I wonder what they were thinking at the passover feast, when he knelt to wash their feet, as he broke bread, passed the wine, told of upcoming betrayal, reclining with him, enjoying the time, one meal among many they'd shared... did they know it was the last?

What were they thinking when they went to Gethsemane? Did they understand his grief, his urgency, his prayers, the reason he was soaked with sweat, burdened with unseen weight?

What about when they saw Judas, one of them arriving, kissing Jesus on the cheek, handing him over to death?

What about when they saw him crucified?

Did they understand?