Saturday, January 23, 2010


This weekend, we are taking our high school students to see the movie To Save a Life. I had an opportunity to preview this movie a couple of months ago and am really excited for it and for the discussion I hope comes from the movie is powerful.

The movie is about a boy named Jake, whose life begins to change when a former friend commits suicide. The movie is a pretty accurate portrayal of a lot of typical high school things, (partying, social circles, relationships) and it has an authentic mentoring relationship between youth worker and youth that I really enjoyed seeing.

But mostly, the movie is about...suicide.

A year and a half ago, a student at my church committed suicide.

Since then, that event and the time that followed falls into the category of, "the things I never talk about."

This movie, the message and the fact that I am preparing to lead discussion with the high school students after means that I have been staring down the face of this "thing that I never talk about" and will mean that I may have to talk about it to some extent, throwing me into a bit of emotional turmoil.

So, blog buddies, pray for me. This head on confrontation is causing lots of heartache and a little bit of anxiety.

Thanks, friends.