Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sorry, Friends

Hello friends...

So sorry to have neglected you and I have good reasons, I promise. And while I'm updating, I will tell you that this will be tantalizingly short because I don't really have a whole lot of time right now either. Pictures to follow

So here's what's been going on:

Home for Illinois-
Syd Graduated
Tried on Bridesmaids dresses for Lynnards wedding
Strawberry Fest
Walked. A Lot.
Saw B in Cincy. Walked. A. Lot.

TheSource Visioning Session-
Saw the shrine to "Our Lady of the Snows" (which is in Belleville, Illinois, but actually took place in Alaska. Whodathunkit?)
Caught up with Timmy Rippstein, Kleinbeck and met Stew31 and hung out with Jules.
Spent time with the Lynnard in St.L

Syd, Mom, S. Sarah and her youth, Kate all came to visit for VBS week.
Had great turnout and a great time, now, however, it looks like VBS has vomited all over my office.

What's coming up:
Here for a week (cleaning my office probably)
Gone to Colorado in an RV with the high schoolers
Here for a week
Gone to Houston with the middle schoolers
Here for 3 days
Gone to New Orleans! For NLWYC to see Krizzle and JDub et. al.
Here for 3 WEEKS
Gone to Illinois for Jenny P's wedding! (and maybe a "secret" meeting in StL)
Here for for two weeks
School starts. Summer ends.