Monday, March 09, 2009

Actualización de fin de semana

The Weekend: Friday-Girgismelsons's big 25 birthday party (at Cheesecake factory--mmmm) and raving rabbids on the wii ( I lost. It accosted me), Saturday morning, Tulsa with the Murph for our first MS planning meeting with our high school team, nap, then school auction at Messiah, then a nice cold beer at the apartment (I think the last time I had a beer by myself at my apartment was after last year's auction). I will say that this year's team of high school/middle school volunteers at the auction totally rocked it and we were done a whole hour and a half earlier than normal! Sunday, church, children's message (an hour and 15 minutes earlier than normal b/c we've moved our early service up 15 minutes), Sunday School, home visit with new family, Small Group.

Where I am at the moment: La Oficina (I'm not sure what's with all the Spanish today).

On my to-do list this week: ZUMBA! tonight with the GirgisMelson. Now even though I was in musicals in high school and that required dancing and I do love to dance at wedding receptions and the like, I'm not sure that those are going to help me prepare for this dance work-out. After all, I did fall on stage and break my nose during the musical too. Oh, I also have a VBS meeting, Confirmation, Lenten Service, Circuit Meeting, Youth Led Worship Planning and that might be all.

Procrastinating about: Well, after staff meeting and teaching religion class for the 3/4th graders, I haven't begun "work stuff" yet, so you could say I'm procrastinating about that, but really, I just haven't had a chance to start it.

Book I’m in the midst of: Well, during the last week, I read Breaking Her Fall and am re-reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, which I first read in like 4th grade and it was a book that I loved, but had never read again. I'm enjoying this re-read because it's been a little like running into an old friend and telling old stories and inside jokes.

Music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: Yesterday on the way back from Tulsa, the Murphy found some music on my ipod that I hadn't listened to in a while. That was a nice re-visit to the Killers and several other "oldies."

Next trip: Dallas this weekend to visit the Laura and her hubs. May for Syd's graduation (and a side trip to Cincy to see B!) Both trips are exciting for different reasons :)

How I'm feeling about this week: Ambivalent mostly, and excited for Spring Break and the trip to Dallas.


Mike said...

Long ago were the days when I used to get more blog mentions here than Bethany, but now I'm not even a space between the B and the exclamation point. Oh, dark days indeed...