Thursday, November 20, 2008


I feel like if I say too much, I will spew hot venomous word vomit on this blog. I could rant about several things, but instead, I will look to the positive and talk about good stuff that's coming up.

1. Ok'd is this weekend! I am really excited to see how all the hard work turns out. I can't wait! This year, the most excellent DCE Suzanne organized the servant events (with which I helped minimally), Heath and I wrote the drama (and one of my youth made the video), Nikki and I wrote the Bible studies, planned the prayer stations and had big components of the theme development for the theme of "one."
2. I'm driving to Illinois for Thanksgiving on Tuesday! Yippee! Home coooking, progressive rummy, family and rock band. I also hope to see "Twilight" with the sister, hang out with my recently (as in march) engaged cousin Lynn as well as spend time with the fantastic Jenny P. Also, guess who else is going to be around in So. Ill the same time I will? Go ahead, Guess?! Ok, I'm not going to tell you, but it's very, very interesting. I'll leave it at that.
3. I wrote my second full length article for Youthesource based on "Ministry Teams: The good, the bad, the ugly". I think it gets "published" in the beginning of December.
4. Youth Quake in February. I know not everyone enjoys a weekend spent in a hotel with 500 middle school youth, BUT, this year, we have the potential of taking a really big group, which I think will be a LOT a LOT of fun. Or, you know, end up being sent to a funny farm when it's all over.
5. Advent. It's soon. I can't wait. I've been enjoying my new Christmas-esque album from Andrew Peterson, "Behold the Lamb of God: The tall, true tale of the coming of Christ."
6. Last night's confirmation board game, "journey to the promised land" game went extremely well other than the kids who didn't listen to directions and I had to explain it SEVEN times--(directions: flip the coin, move two if heads, one if tails, do what the space says and read the bible verse).
7. Ok, work is calling me, but I figured that this would get Moose-tipping off my back.


Jamie Lynn said...

1. I know who'll be in SoIll... hehe...

B. Our All-Alaska theme this year is "ONE"-- crazy! You should let me know what y'all are doing :)

pi. I heart Andrew Peterson too. His song about the penny (I think it's called 'loose change') is my favorite... but I"ll have to research this Christmas-esque CD of which you speak.

Jess said...

I wanna know who will be in So Ill. I NEED to know.

timmynums said...

I really -really- like the journey to the promised land game. and I want to know how processing went with it. It looks like kids would really be able to get a sense of the boredom of wandering around in the desert and maybe even the difficulty of obeying rules/laws and following instructions under frustrating circumstances.

... Now that I read that over it sounds like I thought the game would be boring and that's not what I meant.... um... I quit, but it looks like it'd be an awesome life application connection. and I kind of want to steal it...

Oh yeah, I'm gonna be in SoIll. I know, I'm exactly who you meant, right?

Hey, and my word verification is ploode, isn't that awesome?