Thursday, April 03, 2008

Lessons Learned

In light of my last few dramatic posts, I've made up some guidelines so as one should not think I am going off the deep end.

1) Hannah should not post late at night. This usually leads to dramatic postings.

2) Hannah should avoid posting when stressed. This always leads to dramatic postings.

Having broken both of those rules in my last couple of posts of length, I've decided to follow both of them today. I'm neither stressed, nor is it late at night. It also helps that there have been a couple of things to dramatically reduce personal stress.

1)finding and being approved for an apartment that will be move-in ready so I am not homeless for any length of time (Yes, I'm moving. Again. It's apparently "what I do").
2)turning my taxes into my tax guy so they can be done on time. Here's to hopefully not owing anything to the IRS this year!

I've found that having those two things figured out have made me feel almost back to my pre-march attitude.

There has been a lot going on work-wise these past few weeks, what with the early arrival of Easter and the subsequent busy season of VBS, summer trips, events and traveling. So, while things are still busy (as is the life of a youth worker), they don't quite have the frenzied "too much to do in one day" quality like all the pre-Easter happenings did. I'm sure that as VBS and the summer trips all happen in June, that frenzied, "too much to do in one day" quality will return about May 1. Be prepared from some more dramatic, "what the H was I thinking" kind of posts around then.

Until then, I'll try to keep the drama to a minimum.


brnh said...

Hannah! I made your blog roll. That might make me tear up just a bit. :-)

alaina said...

I move/get new roommates a lot, too.
I feel your pain.