Monday, April 23, 2007

Peculiar Brand of Homelessness

Apparently the multitudes have been clamoring for an update. By multitudes, I mean Jamie, and by clamoring I mean asking once if I'd updated yet. And that's all I need.

So, here it is... an update:

In about 3 weeks, I'll be moving to a new apartment and getting a new roommate and a new step-dog. I'm looking forward to it. I've enjoyed living by myself, but I've been craving having someone to go home to these last few months. (This also makes move #13 since I started college in 2000--I'm beginning to feel like some kind of gypsy). The impending move has also brought about a need for me to test the social waters to try to expand my friend circle a bit. I've been checking out some young adult stuff at various churches, however the catch-22 is always this: they do things the SAME night I have activities at my church. Bah.

The other day, at dinner, after helping a couple in the congregation move to their new home, they asked if Oklahoma was "home" yet and I had to think about it before answering that I thought it could be. Oklahoma is "home" in the fact that I live here, that my things are here, that my job is here, that I have some friends here... but it's not "home" home.

I'm not sure where that is. I'm not sure if the homelessness I feel is all inclusive for 20-somethings or if it comes with the number of moves I've made since I began college or the fact that 90% of my friends are all over the world and my family is all where I left them. I'm not sure if this peculiar homelessness I feel is the knowledge that this life in only the "halfway house" for my eternal home in heaven.


mqzoeller said...

As a retired blogger I have decided to get my fix now by leaving comments ad naseum on the blogs of people I know. Unfortunately for you, you are maybe one of two bloggers I know. However, fortunately for you, I often times don't follow through with spontaneous plans so maybe this won't last.

My profundity conerning your homelessness is this old addage to be pondered: "It is better to be 25 and homeless than to be 25 and live with your parents."
At least you are in the homeland of Wayne Coyne, so there maybe it will grow on you.