Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Back in the Posting Saddle

Given my recent posting absence, I'm trying to be a little more faithful in my updates.

What's been going on recently? I'm glad you asked!

*This upcoming weekend is our Oklahoma District Youth Gathering, Ok'd In Christ. I am the chair of the planning committee. Now before you get all excited, I think I was asked because of my inability to say "no". I'm practicing for next year if I get asked... Practice with me, "No, No, No" (Check back in December to see if I actually follow through).

*Last Saturday, while shopping at the mall, I stopped to buy a pretzel, and was getting ready to pay when someone slapped a $5 on the counter. I turn around to see the source of benevolence and see that it's one of the Dads of a confirmand student. We chat for a while and he says, " I would have figured you would have been out with a boy or something tonight." I think to myself, "I'm ordering a garlice pretzel at 6:00 pm on a Saturday... what part of that says 'attached'?". Instead, I laugh it off and we chat for a while and I head home with my new cute red heels and polka dot socks :).

*National Youth Gathering registration day has come and gone and I'm excited to have the opportunity to take 23 kids and 3 adults to Orlando this summer. I think my sister may also attend with my church--something I'm really looking forward to.

*Thanksgiving vacation this year for me is 6 days! I'm looking forward to stuffing myself with all kinds of yummy food from all the great cooks in my family (and to seeing my family of course).

*Lots of good things are happening at Messiah these days. Our 40 Days of Community small groups finished with both groups expressing a desire for them to continue and our Wednesday Night Bible study is going nicely. Yay!

*God is revealing a lot of new insights to me in Kristy and I's study of Romans.

*Other things are happening and changing in my life and heart. God's working on something, though what it is, I'm not sure.

I think that's all for now blogging buddies, but I'll leave you with a picture or two from my trip home in late September.

My Grampy and I.

Sydney, Me and Zac.