Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Wedding Pool

Last week I posed this question to some friends. Based on well, nothing, other than a hunch, who's going to be the next to get married? Contenders were the single DCE girls left (of which there are quite a few, but not as many as there used to be) and here are the results:

The Contenders:
Hannah, Spode, Jamie, Kristy, Susie, Mel, Grace

Spodes Ranking
1. Jamie
2. Kristy
3. Hannah
4. Susie
5. Grace
6. Mel
7. Spode

Jamie's Ranking
1. Kristy
2. Susie
3. Grace
4. Hannah
5. Spode
6. Jamie
7. Mel

Kristy's Ranking
1. Spode
2. Kristy
3. Hannah/Susie
4. Hannah/Susie
5. Jamie/Grace
6. Jamie/Grace
7. Mel

Hannah's Ranking
1. Spode/Kristy
2. Spode/Kristy
3. Hannah
4. Susie
6. Grace/Jamie
7. Mel

Let the weddings begin!! If you want to join into the wedding pool, post your bets on comments.

Winners of the wedding pool will receive an empty wallet after buying presents for all the weddings.


Kristy Laughed said...

I'm going to firm up my bet...

1. Spode
2. Kristy
3. Hannah
4. Susie
5. Jamie
6. Grace
7. Mel

Dutch Not German said...

First, I would like to say that those of you who have Spode anywhere near the top need to have your heads checked. Not had a date undisclosed but exeptionally long amount of time.

Second, I think Mel should win the wedding pool flat out if she gets hitched first. I have faith in you, Mel. Show us up!

Lubke-Moss said...

No love for Melly Welly! I will rank you #1 Mel! :)

melthedce said...

talk about messing with the self esteem... thanks candace for the vote of confidence