Sunday, August 08, 2004

Life in the Real World

That's just a catchy title to get you to read this. :) Life in Oklahoma is going well. I'm learned a lot in a short amount of time (I sometimes feel like my head is spinning), but I couldn't have asked for a better place to learn.

Speaking of learning, living alone is a learning experience in itself. For instance: If I don't take out the trash, it will stink up my apartment. No one will pick up after me and no one will yell at me if there's a mess. There are pro's and con's. The Con is that it is lonely, though I have been blessed to have another intern nearby that I can hang out with and friends in Dallas a mere 3 hours away. God knew what he was doing when I was placed here.

Moving from college to career has been an interesting transition. For instance, my roommate in college is still referred to as my roommate (thouroughly confusing people) and I still think of NE as my home (though thats changing somewhat the longer I live here). The biggest change is that now I'm actually doing what I have learned how to do for 4 years. It's like a big final exam.

Well off to be tested some more (in more ways than just the metaphorical)